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Because [Stuff] Happens fundraiser: May 5th

May 5th, 2015

The Moxie needs your help—again! Donate to our emergency repair fund on May 5th! Then spread the word! The more donors we get, regardless of amount given, the better our chances to win some of the $92,500 in prize money available.

How old is your computer? We’re guessing not old.

A year old computer still works but is already well on its way to the scrap heap. Our fancy new digital projectors are really just glorified computers (see photo) and they are approaching their second birthday. Conservatively, we are told to expect a five year run from these new projectors. These are fantastic machines and built to be upgraded not simply tossed out. But such upgrades (not to mention any repairs!) are very expensive. If unprepared to absorb such a sudden expense the future of the Moxie could be in jeopardy.

Insurance against the inevitable

So we’ve begun tucking away as much money as we can afford into a fund for just such an eventuality. We think of it as insurance payments against the inevitable.

But the clock is ticking. In “computer years” our projectors are already in their mid-20s.

We need $10,000 to help us kickstart our “Because [Stuff] Happens” fund today. Give now!

The Moxie: In Translation

May 31st, 2015

This month-long series focuses on critically-acclaimed foreign language films that we have been unable to screen to date. A $25 “passport” can be purchased at our box office and will get you into all five movies. Otherwise tickets will be $9. Seating is first come, first served.

May 2 & 3: Force Majeure
May 9 & 10: Leviathan
May 16 & 17: Timbuktu
May 23 & 24: White God
May 30 & 31: PK

This series is made possible thanks to generous donations from members of the Moxie Cinema.

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