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HAIL MARY (April 2023 film series)

HAIL MARY (April series) is an exploration of christian allegory in arthouse cinema.
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April 2 & 3: The Gospel According to St. Matthew (1964)
April 9 & 10: Hail Mary (1985)
April 16 & 17: The Last Temptation of Christ (1988)
April 23 & 24: mother! (2017)

A note from the programmer,
Hail Mary is an exploration of Christian allegory in Arthouse Cinema. All of these films culminate into an immersive examination of the mythos surrounding Christianity. The Holy Bible is one of the most influential texts in the western world. To examine these texts, in part--is to examine the very fabric of our contemporary society.
In The Gospel According To Saint Matthew, Pasolini presents the story of Christ from nativity to resurrection in his signature neorealist style. In his very own period of rediscovery, Jean-Luc Godard examines Mary as a multifaceted human being rather than solely a vessel for Christ in his high-art film Hail Mary. Martin Scorsese ruminates on his own eternal spiritual conflict--and depicts Jesus Christ's struggles in The Last Temptation Of Christ. In the polarizing psychological horror film mother!, Aronofsky packs his depiction of the destruction of mother earth with biblical allegory. Each one of these directors have found value in exploring these powerful and renowned texts.