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As a non-profit cinema, the Moxie exists to enrich our community through film and its power to engage, educate and inspire. We advance the education component of our mission through a variety of initiatives such as our In Translation series, which brings film from around the world to the Ozarks; and Science on Screen, which engages experts from the community to explore scientific ideas and theories through both classic and popular films.

The cornerstone of our educational program works to engage youth of all ages, giving them a meaningful opportunity to learn the basics of film making and equipping them with critical visual literacy skills, while giving them an opportunity to explore their world and new ideas through a variety of film genres.

Moxie Mornings

Developed for our youngest views, Moxie Mornings engages children aged 2-6 in hour long sessions that introduces them to film and its ability to help us understand and explore new worlds and ideas. Moxie staff chooses a theme for each event and selects high-quality and diverse short films to provide children with an engaging experience and hands-on art activity. Moxie Mornings are always free, thanks to support from Missouri Arts Council and local businesses including Mama Jean’s, Discovery Garden Montessori, Bambino’s, Greater Springfield Kids Directory and the Springfield Art Museum.

Moxie Flix

With the goal of sharing the essential films all kids should see before they turn 13, our Moxie Flix program invites children aged 7 and up to a monthly screening of classic films, giving them the chance to experience different genres, styles and themes. Past screenings have included silent films, musicals, documentaries, and popular films. Thanks to a generous grant from the Missouri Arts Council, Moxie Flix screenings are always free.

Field Trip Experiences

The Moxie is excited to offer teachers and other educators a customizable field trip experience to bring new ideas to life on the big screen for students. Whether it’s exploring a curriculum topic through a current screening or developing a workshop to learn about stop-motion animation, Moxie staff will work with educators to develop a session tailored to your goals. Depending on the film selected and any hands-on activity time, sessions run from one to three hours long and can take place on most weekdays. Contact Us to learn more and schedule your visit.

Basics of Visual Storytelling Experience

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