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A Man, Outstanding in His Field

Starring: Warren Sandwell, Ran Cummings, George Cron, Jessica Avey, Angela Barnes, Jose Garcia, Alton Capps, Jin J X Director: Taylor Park Genre(s): Drama Audience Rating: R

A small town genius is haunted by his past of indecision and “squandered” potential one night during his shift at a small town dive bar. “Good Will Hunting” meets “Clerks.” Popular small town bartender, WARREN, is a genius hiding in plain sight. Long ago, when he chose a life of rock & roll and cocktails over academia, he did not anticipate the future needs associated with falling in love, and taking care of a family – but now, the shadow of regret looms over his once carefree existence as he realizes his tips just aren’t cutting it anymore. Just as it seems he couldn’t feel any worse, a surprise visit from a former gifted program classmate, ERIC, who is now a successful businessman, and all too anxious to hear of Warren’s grand accomplishments, finally pushes him over the edge. Can he exercise true greatness amid the pain, and catch an opportunity hidden in the chaos?

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