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Becoming Cousteau

A look at the life, passions, achievements and tragedies surrounding the famous explorer and environmentalist Jacques Cousteau, featuring an archive of his newly restored footage.
(PG-13, 93 min.)


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Adventurer, filmmaker, inventor, author, unlikely celebrity and conservationist: For over four decades, Jacques-Yves Cousteau and his explorations under the ocean became synonymous with a love of science and the natural world. As he learned to protect the environment, he brought the whole world with him, sounding alarms more than 50 years ago about the warming seas and our planet’s vulnerability. In BECOMING COUSTEAU, from National Geographic Documentary Films, two-time Academy Award®-nominated filmmaker LIZ GARBUS takes an inside look at Cousteau and his life, his iconic films and inventions, and the experiences that made him the 20th century’s most unique and renowned environmental voice — and the man who inspired generations to protect the Earth. [National Geographic Documentary Films]

Starring: Jacques-Yves Cousteau (archive footage) Vincent Cassel (voice-over)
Director: Liz Garbus
Genre(s): Adventure, Documentary, Biography

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"'Becoming Cousteau' is a dazzling dive into the depths of an undersea world."

— Kristen Lopez, indieWire

"Becoming Cousteau will well serve as a reminder and clarifier for those who remember him from their youth, and an invigorating introduction for those meeting him for the first time."

— Todd McCarthy, Deadline Hollywood Daily

"Cousteau, who died in 1997, described himself as "a witness to change." This respectful, visually compelling biography invites -- indeed, implores - a new generation to bear witness, too."

— Elizabeth Weitzman, TheWrap

"What’s ultimately most compelling about Becoming Cousteau isn’t so much that it harkens back to a time when a sailor and scientist could be a household name, but rather that it engages with how the man used that fame."

— Noel Murray, The A.V. Club

"Becoming Cousteau is very much a film about Cousteau composed from his own images and words that are spoken by Vincent Cassel. We learn of inventions designed to further the cause of underwater exploration and witness the oceanographic voyages of the Calypso. Becoming Cousteau allows us to understand that in many ways his story is the story of the environmental movement."

— Allan Hunter, Screen Daily

"Consistently engrossing as well as informative, the film delivers a richly humanistic portrait of a complex, indefatigable figure who introduced multiple awestruck generations to the wonders beneath the sea. Becoming Cousteau succeeds beautifully in its goal of reminding viewers of Jacques Cousteau's important legacy of underwater exploration and environmental activism."

— Frank Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter

"Filmmaker Liz Garbus has been busy lately, and a little all over the map, chalking up directing credits on last year’s political documentary 'All In: The Fight for Democracy,' 'The Handmaid’s Tale' this spring, and now an affectionate yet mostly clear-eyed portrait of Jacques-Yves Cousteau, the famed multi-hyphenate, who died in 1997. Cousteau was, as Garbus’s film notes, a sailor, undersea explorer, environmentalist, philosopher, inventor, scientist, researcher and filmmaker, winning three documentary Oscars, in 1957, 1960 and 1965."

— Michael O'Sullivan, Washington Post