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Genre: Animation Langauage: In English or No Dialogue Rating: NR but recommended ages 3-8

**This screening is free thanks to a grant from the [Missouri Arts Council](** The New York International Children’s Film Festival is North America’s largest festival of film for children and teens, and stands at the forefront of a movement to define a new, more provocative and compelling film for kids. Each year the festival presents a carefully curated collection of the best new animation, live action and experimental film from around the world in an exhilarating festival atmosphere with all the immediacy and excitement of a Cannes or Sundance. This years “BEST OF FEST: KID FLIX MIX” is a colorful collection of short films from around the world, hand-picked as audience and jury favorites from the 2014 New York Int’l Children’s Film Festival. This collection is suited for our youngest audiences,** ages 3 to 6.** Monstersymfonie by Kiana Nagshineh (Germany, 2012, 4 min.). Meet the band: four monsters, one girl, and some very silly instruments. And they're definitely playing past their bedtime. Hello World by Eric Serre (France, 2012, 5 min.). In a collage forest crafted out of newspaper, plants, and paper maché, a newborn owl wakes up and explores the complicated world around him. Snowflake by Natalia Chernysheva (Russia, 2012, 5 min.) A boy receives a paper snowflake in the mail and sticks it under his pillow. In the morning, he finds that his world has been transformed. Sky Color by Peter H. Reynolds (2012, 7 min.). When Marisol sets out to create a sky for the class mural, she discovers the blue is missing from her paints. This story celebrates the creative process and what it means to look at the world through the eyes of an artist. What is Music? By Christian Robinson (2013, 4 min.). Given a brief quiz on music, these kids provide some of the best – if not the most accurate – answers possible. The Lovely Letter L by Evan Spiridellis (2012, 2 min.). An infectious song about lemons, light bulbs, laundry and lots more. Hopfrog by Leonid Shmelkov (Russia, 2012, 4 min.). A series of non-scientific observations of the jumping fellows' life. Big Block Sing-Song: Hair by Warren Brown (Canada, 2012, 2 min.). From the people who brought us John the Leprechaun, a Kraftwerk-style electronic pop tune about the stuff that grows out of your head. The New Species by Katerina Karhánková (Czech Republic, 2013, 6 min.). Three friends discover a mysterious bone. With their imaginations running wild, they set out to discover the creature it belonged to. The Mole at Sea by Anna Kadykova (Russia, 2012, 5 min.). Everyone's off to the seaside – by car, truck and train. Not wanting to miss out, the mole starts digging. On The Wing by Vera Myakisheva (Russia, 2012, 6 min.). A young chicken wonders how she can learn to fly, just like all the other birds. My Mom is an Airplane (Russia/USA, 2013, 6.5 min). There are all different kinds of mothers in this world. But can your mom fly? Part of the award winning Animation Show of Shows collection.

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