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Animation In English or Musical/No Dialogue Recommended for ages 3 to 8

This screening is free thanks to a grant from the [Missouri Arts Council]( The New York International Children’s Film Festival is North America’s largest festival of film for children and teens, and stands at the forefront of a movement to define a new, more provocative and compelling film for kids. Each year the festival presents a carefully curated collection of the best new animation, live action and experimental film from around the world in an exhilarating festival atmosphere with all the immediacy and excitement of a Cannes or Sundance. A diverse community must put aside their differences to enjoy a tasty meal in Stone Soup (France/Belgium), a hungry creature devises a way to get his fill in Tiger (Germany), and a young croc enjoys a tasty treat in Crocodile (Germany). With visually innovative animation and many Audience Award winners from New York International Children’s Film Festival 2017, Kid Flix 1 is truly delicious for ages 3-7. **OUTDOOR CINEMA** Russia/Australia Animation, Tatiana Poliektova, 2014, 3 min The best cinema of all reflects what is right in front of us, in this homage to all things that capture our eye. **THE BIRDIE** Russia Animation, Yekaterina Filippova, 2015, 3 min Once a birdie met a hippo. Teaming up makes everything easier. **A HOLE** Mexico Animation, Maribel Suarez, 2016, 5 min A little girl longs for a playmate in the garden. Her efforts go unnoticed—until they finally take root. **TIGER** Germany Animation, Kariem Saleh, 2016, 4 min A little tiger, happy but hungry, devises clever means to fill his belly and satisfy his cravings. **CROCODILE** Germany Animation, Julia Ocker, 2016, 4 min A relaxing evening on the couch turns into a noshing nuisance for one peckish croc. **KONIGIRI KUN: SHOPPING** Japan Animation, Mari Miyazawa, 2015, 5 min Konigiri Kun, a curious rice ball with a penchant for shopping, goes out to market and is tempted all around in this hilarious nod to overconsumption. **SPRING JAM** New Zealand Animation, Ned Wenlock, 2016, 6min Lone Stag lacks a certain something in the antlers department: the antlers. How will he get any birds to help him make music for the spring jam? **WATER PATH FOR A FISH** Spain/Colombia/France Animation, Mercedes Marro, 2016, 8 min Oscar rescues a goldfish from the clutches of hungry cats, but with the drought, has trouble caring for it. When the faucets turn on, the challenge truly begins. **SPIDER WEB** Russia Animation, Natalia Chernysheva, 2016, 4 min Anyone can get caught in a bind, but working together means weaving new webs of strength in one spider’s dilemma. **YOU LOOK SCARY** USA Animation, Xiya Lan, 2016, 4 min Sometimes we amplify our fears. Usually, they’re not so bad at all. **STONE SOUP** France/Belgium Animation, Clementine Robach, 2015, 7 min Times are tough in one little town: first no food, now no electricity. Eventually, the transformative power of community nourishes all in more ways than one. **MR. NIGHT HAS A DAY OFF** Lithuania Animation, Ignas Meilunas, 2016, 2 min Why is the night changing the day? Well, when you don’t like something, you change it. **THE POCKET MAN** France/Switzerland/Georgia Animation, Ana Chubinidze, 2016, 7 min Good things come in all sizes and packages. Especially the pocket man, whose kindness abounds. **THE PITS** USA Live Action Puppetry, Mike Hayhurst, 2016, 3 min We know it’s not always easy being green--but it all works out in this charming quest for a perfect match.

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