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Blowin' Up (2018)

  • Director: Stephanie Wang-Breal
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Rating: NR
  • Running Time: 94 min.

This screening is FREE thanks to a partnership with STAND as part of a Human Trafficking Awareness event. There will be a post show discussion.

Summary: Working within a broken criminal justice system, a team of rebel heroines work to change the the way women arrested for prostitution are prosecuted.

"Blowin' Up offers one of the most hopeful real-world visions of heroic women - from the judge and DAs to the attorneys, social workers, counselors and, not least, the defendants - ever to fill the screen."
- Sheri Linden, Hollywood Reporter
"The movie does have a verdict: It's time to change up the way we police, criminalize, and vilify sex workers without hearing their stories."
- Jude Dry, indieWire
"The characters are riveting and the photography is casually stylish, but the real highlight is the urgency of the work Wang-Breal captures."
- Jason Bailey, Village Voice