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Andrew, an amoral homeless man who's very sick, finds himself trapped inside an abandoned school while a deadly virus takes its toll on the outside world.
(R, 10 min.)


Wednesday, October 27, 2021

6:00 PM

Masks are required for this event.
Tickets are $5.

While a virus destroys the outside world, Andrew, a homeless man who's been selfish and amoral his entire life, finds himself scattering on the streets until he reaches an abandoned school for shelter. Inside this school, he becomes sicker as time goes on and begins to go insane. Throughout this film, Andrew realizes he is a terrible person and needs to change. But it's too late to change. [Yellow Bike Films]

Starring: Andy Tannehill, Joe Stephens, Dave Burnette, Courtney Barnhart, Justin Chaney, and Jake Britt.
Director: Christian Wood
DP/Producer/Editor/VFX: Lane Twellman
Boom Op: Tavish Lawson
First AC: Tyler McBrayer
Music: Mark Mckinney
Location: Eric Stephens & The Babylon

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