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Dragon Inn Three: Double Line

Starring: Grace Bentley, Sharon Bowie, Philip Dickey, E.P. Marcus, Get Dusted, Tom Cruise Directors: Pat Vamos, Conor Tierney, Locke and Stache, and Philip K. Dickey Genre: Music Rating: PG-13 (brief nudity)

Dragon Inn 3 and Moxie Cinema presents: the world premiere of Double Line, a visual album inspired by each song on the band’s debut LP. Featuring music videos and short films directed by Pat Vamos, Conor Tierney, Get Dusted, Locke and Stache, and Philip K. Dickey. On Double Line, Dragon Inn 3 immerse themselves in the deep 80’s with touchtones of Swedish synth-pop, conjuring up images of your favorite John Hughes and John Carpenter movies and soundtracks.

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