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Friday Flix: Spaceballs (1987)

A star-pilot for hire and his trusty sidekick must come to the rescue of a princess and save Planet Druidia from the clutches of the evil Spaceballs. (PG, 98 min.)


Friday, June 24, 2022

8:00 PM

Cinematic summer in Mother's Backyard continues with Spaceballs (1987), Mel Brooks's sendup of an obscure 1977, space opera that is today remembered only by obscure academics and back-row-of-the-web obsessives.'Star Wars' gets the quintessential Mel Brooks treatment: every frame of the movie stuffed with jokes, gags, yuks, and shtick.High brow? Hardly Rated PG for generally sophomoric (and timelessly funny) innuendos. [Mother's Brewery]

Tickets are $6 at the gate. Bring camp chairs or blankets for maximum movie-going comfort. A food truck will be on hand. Show starts at sundown, so check your almanac.

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Summary: When the evil Dark Helmet attempts to steal all the air from planet Druidia, a determined Druish Princess, a clueless rogue and a half-man/half-dog creature who's his own best friend set out to stop him! But with the forces of darkness closing in on them at ludicrous speed, they'll need the help of a wise imp named Yogurt and the mystical power of "The Schwartz" to bring peace - and merchandising rights - to the entire galaxy! [MGM]

Starring: John Candy, Mel Brooks, Rick Moranis
Director: Mel Brooks
Genre(s): Adventure, Sci-Fi, Comedy

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"Full of love, Spaceballs is full of laughs."

— Mike Clark, USA Today

"Spaceballs has the happy air of a comic enterprise that knows it's going right. It just keeps spritzing the gags at us, Borscht Belt-style, confidently and rightly sensing that if we don't laugh at this one, we'll laugh at the next. And so we do."

— Jay Carr, Boston Globe