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Jori (Local Film)

An isolated teen grapples with the responsibility of caring for her critically ill father.
(PG-13, 19 min.)


Sunday, July 16, 2023

6:00 PM

Set in the rural Ozark mountains, “Jori” tells the story of a teen girl shackled by an enormous burden. For nineteen-year-old Jori Thomas, each day starts at sunrise, as she treks into the forest to hunt the coyote that killed her beloved family cat. The moment she returns to home, consistently unsuccessful, Jori resumes the role of caring for her father, mute and nearly unresponsive. Jori’s obligation to her father is one of love and duty, but the days she spends in isolation leave her a stranger to her own needs. Her one solace is in her lover, Eve, who occasionally coaxes her back to the woods for a night of freedom. Even Eve, however, cannot fully conceptualize the weight that Jori carries. As her father’s condition worsens, and struggles arise to secure his life-saving medication, Jori becomes more and more detached. After rescuing Eve from an assault, but nearly losing herself in the process, Jori is faced with a choice—save everyone else, or save herself. Created by Hunter R. Adams, writer and director of “CRUSH”, “Jori” poses a unique view of the burden of care placed upon women and people born female. Exploring themes of isolation, intimacy, vengeance, obsession, and responsibility, Jori seeks to ask: When is enough enough?

Starring: Chloe Jewell, Tyler Nelson, Molly del Rossi, Chris LaFever
Director: Hunter R. Adams
Writer: Hunter R. Adams
Cinematographer: Dylan Thomas
Editor: Nick Fiore
Genre(s): Independent Short, Drama

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