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King Toad

Directed, Produced, Shot and Edited by Brent Jones Written by Joel Rook Starring: Edward Brandt, David Link, Carollee Marshall, Anthony Narvaez, Sarah Dameron, and Harv Jamison Parental Advisory: Contains violence, adult language and drug use

King Toad is a dramatic thriller, revolving around a mysterious figure’s involvement in a rural town amidst a meth-fueled downward spiral. Booth, or the man of assassin’s names, has a Machiavellian plan to insert himself in this town, its infrastructure and the lives of those in it. While his true intentions are never quite spelled out, it’s obvious that he uses people’s weaknesses and desires to prey upon them—getting out of them what he can in order to achieve his own goals. From the ambitious Sheriff Fred to career criminals, meth addicts, and even grieving parents—Booth affects them all and draws them into his web of intrigue and brutality. He touts himself as the great redeemer, but in the end perhaps all he brings is suffering. Who will survive him, if anyone?

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