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Our Cousin Otis (Local Film)

While on lockdown, Tim and Sarah Fitzpatrick reluctantly agree to let their beer-swilling, pro-wrestler cousin stay with them during quarantine.

(R, 38 min.)


Sunday, December 11, 2022

6:00 PM

Tim and Sarah Fitzpatrick, a young and up and coming, upper-middle class couple allow their pro-wrestling, drug addled cousin to stay at their home during quarantine. Otis J. Eddy thinks he hit the jackpot, unfortunately Tim and Sarah soon realize that Otis isn't just odd and eccentric but short tempered and violent.

Starring: Darrell Lamp, Logan Killingsworth, Erin Killingsworth
Director: Brett Turner


Director/Writer/Producer/Composer: Brett Turner
Producers: Brett Turner, Deborah Lamp, Lorrie Gibson
Set Designer: Darrell Lamp
Editor: Amy Lawrence and Brett Turner

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