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  • Starring: Noah Jermain, Molly Grotha, Michael Watterson, Carissa Cassil
  • Director: Sean Thiessen
  • Writer(s): Sean Thiessen, Becca Thompson
  • Genre(s): Adventure, Comedy, Horror
  • Rating: PG
  • Running Time: Approx. 28 minutes

Local Films are $5 Seating is first come first serve.

Film Synopsis: On Halloween night, Derek and his ragtag group of friends accidentally awaken a shapeshifting monster that threatens their reputations—and their lives.

Full Description: Derek just wants to fit in. He’s less than thrilled about trick-or-treating with his nerdy best friend Stephen, especially when they run into his head-over-heels crush Sami Stillwater. But something ominous is lurking their town, and after an encounter with the fearsome paranormal journalist Billie-Jean, the boys discover Derek accidentally awoke the shapeshifting Riverbend Lagoon Monster.

Posers tackles the coming-of-age themes such as friendship and being true to yourself, while playing on audience members heartstrings and making them laugh along the way.

A short film from Missouri State University’s Electronic Arts Program.


  • Saturday, 5/13 12:00pm