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Past Films

Princess Mononoke (Drury Humanities)

  • Starring: Yôji Matsuda, Yûko Tanaka, Yuriko Ishida
  • Director: Hayao Miyazaki
  • Language(s): Japanese, English
  • Genre(s): Adventure, Fantasy, Animation
  • Rating: PG-13
  • Running Time: 134 min.

Hueping Chin and Steve Carpenter will lead a post show discussion of the film Thursday April 12th at 5:30pm.

Great insights to great films courtesy of Drury’s Humanities faculty.

This series is made possible by a grant from the Missouri Humanities Council.

Summary: Mononoke-Hime
Directed by renowned animator Hayao Miyazaki, this anime has broken a number of box office records in its native Japan. Essentially a statement on the ecological devastation brought on by human advancement, the story follows the battle between Princess Mononoke and a mining village.

"[Miyazaki's] visually brilliant, thematically rich fable isn't just an ambitious cartoon; it's an epic, hand-drawn in pen and ink."
- Colin Covert, Minneapolis Star Tribune
"Beautifully constructed and painstakingly written, this is about as close to a perfect animated epic as you're likely to get."
- Melanie McFarland, Seattle Times
"Anyone who relishes seeing the reach and scope of the genre redefined should not miss this marvelously accomplished picture."
- Desmond Ryan, Philadelphia Inquirer
"You'll see why, in animation circles, Miyazaki himself is considered one of the gods."
- David Ansen, Newsweek
"Highlighted by a sparkling, translucent Forest Spirit that only emerges at night, tiny skeletal creatures with clicking swivel-heads, and a truly magical denouement, Princess Mononoke is still a formidable achievement, if not a resounding success."
- Scott Tobias, AV Club
"The imagery, ranging from sublime mountain-smashing power to firefly delicacy (individual waterdrops splashing on a rock) is exuberant and intoxicating."
- Liam Lacey, Globe and Mail
"This exotically beautiful action film features gods and demons locked in a struggle for the future of the unspoiled forest and an elaborate moral universe that Mr. Miyazaki has created."
- Janet Maslin, New York Times
"Utilizing traditional hand-drawn cels and some computer-generated imagery, Miyazaki brings out the animism in this emerald vision and gives it a spaciousness rarely found even in live-action epics."
- Peter Rainer, New York Magazine/Vulture