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Raising Arizona (1987) @ Mother's

Starring: Holly Hunter, Nicolas Cage Director(s): Ethan Coen and Joel Coen Genre(s): Adventure, Mystery, Comedy, Crime Rating: PG-13

This winter, the Final Friday at Mother's series moves indoors right here to the Moxie. Since space is a wee bit tighter here than at Mother's backyard, we will be stretching the screenings over three nights. For each of these movies, Mother's will be sending us a special keg to tap. For this screening, we'll be getting Imperial Three Blind Mice: once Mother's little brown beer, is now all grown up and running the show. Left to rest and age in bourbon barrels, this beer is rich and full bodied with chocolate, coffee and caramel bourbon character and balanced finish brew fit for a king. Welcome to Mondo with Mother's! Film Summary: A surreal, hyperactive farce in which a bumbling petty thief and the lady cop who keeps arresting him fall in love and decide to start a family. When they discover they can't have babies, they steal one from a furniture mogul who has just sired a set of quintuplets. The joys of parenthood are soon marred, however, by the difficulties of raising an infant on the run. The none-too-bright couple must flee across the southwestern desert in order to elude the villainous biker that has been hired to retrieve the tyke. (20th Century Fox)

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