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Past Films

SATO 48 2012

  • Running Time: Each group has a running time of roughly 55 min

Short films made as part of the SATO 48 (2012) film festival. Details on individual screenings and groups below. All films ordered alphabetically and do not necessarily reflect the order in which they will be screened. Each 55-minute screening requires a ticket.

GROUP BARNAM: Friday @ 5pm; Saturday @ 2:30pm; Saturday @ 8:30 pm

FILM TITLES: A Song and Dance: Dream’s Requiem; Antisocial Media; Different Shoes; Fear the Zepinator; In Between Traffic; My Brother, The Inventor; Pudding + Penelope; The Graying Pages; Transparent; Working Title: A Filmmaker’s Odyssey

GROUP ARISTOTLE: Friday @ 5:30pm; Saturday @ 1:30pm; Saturday @ 10pm

FILM TITLES: Black Cop/White Cop 2; Contesa Fraterna; Death and Candy; Exchange; Josiah’s Dilemma; Meme Factory; Suviving the Nighmare; The Half Baked Scheme; True Story, Bro…Well, Kind of; When You’re Ready

GROUP EDISON: Friday @ 6:30pm; Saturday @ 7:30pm; Sunday @ 2pm

FILM TITLES: A Dull Story by Sharpknife; Awesome; BLENDER; Creepers Jeepers; Dissonance & Grace; Extra Credit; I Knew Him First; Lovers Inn; The Final Question; The Magician; We Are Gathered Here Today: For a Reaper’s Game

GROUP CLEOPATRA: Friday @ 7:30pm; Saturday @ 4:30pm; Sunday @ 5pm

FILM TITLES: Call It Something Special; Deceit; Discharge; First Impressions; Insurgency; inventors; JIZZY JAY - THE HEART OF A LION; Lights, Camera, Rapture!; No Oatmeal For Dummies; remember; The Fortune Cookie

GROUP DON JUAN: Friday @ 8:30pm; Saturday @ 3:30pm; Sunday @ 6pm

FILM TITLES: Beta Forever; Classified Files: Case 4-13; ctrl.alt.delete.; Devils Don’t Sleep; Gorbovsky; Juan Gigante is Not The Hulk; Marty McSpy: Agent of P.O.O.P.S.; Match; Moral Hostility; Service With a Smile; The Last Heist

GROUP FLORENCE: Friday @ 9:30pm; Saturday @ 6:30pm; Sunday @ 4:00 pm

FILM TITLES: A Bedtime Story; Character Revenge; Circle of Blue; Haunted; Koi Inai Ni De Sashin; Masques; Miranda The Teenage Ninja; One Degree; The Award; VooDoo PEZ; Who We Are (The Couples)

GROUP GUINEVERE Friday @ 10:30pm; Saturday @ 5:30pm; Sunday @ 3pm

FILM TITLES: A Reunion; Firebull; HTC Surround 5MP Camera; Marvelous; My life as Wigman; Routine; Santa’s Little Helper; SATO 48 Hours Mysteries: a P.F.I. Miami; Snowman; The Inventors Creation; The Rendering