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SATO 48 2013

These films are not rated and may contain adult content

Short films made as part of the SATO 48 (2013) film festival. Details on individual screenings and groups below. Each 55-minute screening requires a ticket. **Group Advocate**: _Friday @ 4:30pm; Saturday @ 8:00pm; Sunday @ 6:00pm_ FILMS: Number 8 (Disaster Films); Libre Nexus (Ensign Productions); UnempLloyd (Dancing Fox Films); ScRaAabB!! Behind the jams (E-NIV Productions); The Testimony (The EyeScope); Octatonic Clues (The Court Jesters); SATOTUBE.COM (Faux Films); Thoughtless (Deathly Orchid Productions); Crime over Coffee (Robofox); Who 8 The Cookies (Team Arkansas); **Group Bulletin**: _Friday @ 8:00pm; Saturday @ 4:30pm; Sunday @ 1:00pm_ FILMS: Lemniscate (Elite Pictures); Rochambeau (Tear In Productions); An Ordinary Morning (Load File 1); Reasons (Muma's Productions); The Other Half (tbumper); Deeper, Still (Phormation); We are the Sum (RAM Productions); Survive (The Mongooses); Chrononaut (Untapped Productions); The Visitor (Canote Films); **Group Chronicle**: _Friday @ 7:00pm; Saturday @ 7:00pm; Sunday @ 12:30pm_ FILMS: Mrs E A Domestic Dispute (Team Enderman); Eight Hours (Small Town Productions); Out Of The Woods (Box O'Rocks); BURNOUT (MIDSTATES STUNTS); Day Pony (PineapplePartyProductions); 911 HodgePodge (blue milo's); Driven Mad (FanFunkNTastic Productions); Blind Love (Abstract Expressions); Test Drive (the Rat Pack); Nine and Ten (Sky Writing Productions); **Group Daily**: _Friday @ 5:00pm; Saturday @ 9:00pm; Sunday @ 2:00pm_ FILMS: It's Not Even Dark (New DegreeĀ°); On My Way Out (Off the Reel Productions); Games Of Alice (Crash Course Entertainment); Figure Infinity (Mammoth Productions); Champion of Fire (84OTAS); Crackdown (Two Council Productions); Blame (The Cosmic Trio); Ruiner (Push & Pull); Quest (AOP); Eight Up (The Corps Productions) **Group Evening**: _Friday @ 6:00pm; Saturday @ 10:00pm; Sunday @ 3:00pm_ FILMS: Baby Daddy (Kamdog Productions); Detective Gainsboro and the Case of the Cumulous Kid (Devolver Films); Love Fortune (C Elizabeth Productions); i (Minus Productions); Infinity (Tommy Mac Productions); Afterworld (Wallmopper Productions); The Big Kiss Goodnight (Infocus Media Productions); Eight (Boredom Insurance); Two in the Same (ZombieDuck Productions); Untitled 2014 SATO48 Bogema ProjeKct (Foggy Rock Bogema); **Group Folio**: _Friday @ 9:00pm; Saturday @ 5:00pm; Sunday @ 4:00pm_ FILMS: Sidekicks (Euphemistic Expressions); What's Your Emergency? (Green Circle Productions); Don't Call 911 (G.I.E. Films); No Parents, No Police. (Kids Making Movies); Expiration (Brutal Brothers Films); Estella Kestella (Feminindie Films); We Ain't Got No Windchimes (Academy Leader); The Date (Do Not Watch This Films); Glazed Over (Team Selby); It's Matt, again (Almost Gold) **Group Globe**:_ Friday @ 10:00pm; Saturday @ 6:00pm; Sunday @ 5:00pm_ FILMS: Not By Brakhage (1933-2003) (Dog Star Man and The Andalusian Eraserheads); Only 8 Hours (Living Insanity); Neander-Paul (Slim Thicket); 48 Hours (The Brolective); Fortlandia (Nerdherd Productions); telephone (reddikan Productions); I Hate Azaleas (300 Media Productions); I'm Right Here (Sideshot Productions); Where Did You Go? (Sederwall); What Momma Doesn't Know (Suspect Studios)

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