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SATO 48 2014

These films are not rated and may contain adult content

Short films made as part of the SATO 48 (2014) film festival. Details on individual screenings and groups below. Each 55-minute screening requires a ticket. Tickets are $6. Wanna see everything? You only need buy 9 tickets (filmmakers passes count) and we will throw in the last screening free. BUT for this discount you will need to purchase tickets in person not online. Tickets will be live on Tuesday afternoon and can be purchased online (click BUY TICKETS below) or in person at the theater during business hours. (We open 45 minutes before the first showtime of the day.) To be eligible for a bulk discount (see all 10 movies but only pay for 9) you need to purchase tickets in person. All groups have one screening each day. Screenings in the small theater (44 seats) will be noted. All other screenings will be in the big theater (84 seats). Ariary Group ------------ _Fri. @ 7p; Sat. @ 1:30pm; Sun., @ 10p (in small theater)_ Always One Won Short; Two Wons do Make it Right; Finding Something Special; Knife Death Gets a Cut; At Odds; My Awkward Life; What It's Worth; MAT EAT POO; Knights of Fantasy; Doors Baht Group ---------- Fri. @ 8:30p; Sat. @ 11p (in small theater); Sun., @ 4:30p This Veil of Tears; BLOODY Nines; "Tuesday" Punanjee; Severance; These Two Won ... Not You!; Birthday Boy; 1000; Wrong Trevor Run; Pas Encore de Cauchemars (No More Nightmares) Cordoba Group ------------- Fri. @ 4p (in small theater) Sat. @ 7:30p Sun., @ 9:45p Tindervale; Which Won; The Subject; Blind Date; The Bridge; Zuckerberg Syndrome; Nice Guys Finish Dead; What Goes Around...; No Strings Attached Denar Group ----------- Fri. @ 11p Sat. @ 3p Sun. @ 7:30p Sanguine; Two Won Happy Ending; Red's Trip; Urban Treasure; Landscape; Fighting For; The Search; Dream9; Dirty Sweet; Underarm Escudo Group ------------- Fri. @ midnight—(in small theater) Sat. @ 6p Sun., @ 1:30p Priceless; Small Town; Blind Lady in a Bookstore; The Valice; Hit or Miss; In Loving Memory; Mind Cloud; The Box in the Garden; Impressions Florin Group ------------ Fri. @ 4:30p Sat. @ 9p Sun., @ noon As Rich As Mud; Chalked Up; Failure to Communicate; Incrusion; In Death; Seoul Music; fashion evolution; Me 2; Endless; Previously On... Gourde Group ------------- Fri. @ 5:30p Sat. @ 10:30p Sun., @ 6p Hangman; The Event; Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner; Proof.; Disguises; My Own Worst Enemy; Gospel; All In; Cop Drama; An Easy Ride Hryvnia Group ------------- Fri. @ 9:45p Sat. @ 11:30p Sun., @ 3p Clombie; Downtown Photo Wonders; Frat Poison; Norman; Fugue; The Wong Wei Back; Daughters of Yi Hwang; Episode 1; The War Within; Two Punny Jackson Group ------------- Fri. @ 5p (in small theater) Sat. @ noon Sun., @ 8:45p The Memory Box; Candy Supreme; Won Destiny; Decaf; In Plain Sight; Guardian; The Best Indie Short Film Ever; Edge of Captivity; Out of Frame Kina Group ---------- Fri. @ 12:15a Sat. @ 4:30p Sun., @ 9p (small theater) 2 Won + 2 Juan = Fore; No Won; Wanna Grab Dinner?; Writing Omega Born; The Lazy Samuri; Shadow People; Abel; Run; Rikki Star in Fantasy

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