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SATO 48 2015

These films are not rated and may contain adult content Each screening has a running Time of roughly 55 minutes.

Short films made as part of the SATO 48 (2015) film festival. Details on individual screenings and groups below. Each 55-minute screening requires a ticket. Tickets are $6 per screening. Wanna see everything? You only need to buy 9 tickets (Filmmaker's passes count) and we will throw in the last two screenings free. BUT for this discount you must purchase tickets in person at The Moxie Box Office, not online. Tickets will be live on Sunday (April 19th) afternoon and can be purchased online (click BUY TICKETS below) or in person at the theater during business hours. (We open 45 minutes before the first showtime of the day.) To be eligible for a bulk discount (see all 115 films over 11 screenings but only pay for 9) you need to purchase tickets in person. Screenings in the small theater (44 seats) will be noted. All other screenings will be in the big theater (84 seats). **Group Ahseh** Screenings: Thurs., April 23 @5p Sat., April 25 @9p Sun., April 26 @noon **Films in Group Ahseh:** Pandora 10-00-21 Psycho Girlfriend The Origins of Singularity Flip-Side Anna Versary Boxed In Bobby Deadlock Ice Cube Factory La Farine D'Avoine **Group Béteetox** Screenings: Thurs., April 23 @6:15p Sat., April 25 @11:45a (small theater) Sun., April 26 @ 1:15p **Films in Group Béteetox:** Human Dave Don’t Break an Innocent Heart The Landing Drowning Captive Audience (Auditoire Captif) High Voltage Make It Big Five-Finger Discount Lost Then Found This Is The End **Group Cemanri** Screenings: Thurs., April 23 @ 7:30p Sat., April 25 @ 4:30p Sun., April 26 @ 9p (small theater) **Films in Group Cemanri:** Amend A Day Sole Curiosity The Lonely Mind Creation Day The Good Go Crazy Dysphoria The Roid Case Mystery Short Im.Mortal Southern Vice **Group Dasa** Screenings: Thurs., April 23 @ 8:45p Sat., April 25 @ 11:45p (small theater) Sun., April 26 @ 3:45p **Films in Group Dasa:** We Three Dogs [3D] Things are Getting Better The Thing About Dads… Strike Against Terrorist Organizations The Product Charma Epidemic Space Time Continuum... Session Tongue-In-Cheek **Group Eser** Screenings: Thurs., April 23 @ 11:15p Sat., April 25 @ 3:15p Sun., April 26 @ 7:30p **Films in Group Eser:** Tex Stevens | Space Boss Abigail Level Up Nevermore Sobriété The Evolution of Pizza Today's the Day Aspie Thighology 1052 **Group Folo** Screenings: Thurs., April 23 @ 10p Sat., April 25 @ 12:45p Sun., April 26 @ 8:45p **Films in Group Folo:** Cognizance The Moment Ten Years After the Death of Language The Kubler-Ross Theory The Invention of Marketing Everyone Knew Lou. High Fiversary Le Sang des Fraises Railing into You DnATE **Group Guneesnán** Screenings: Fri., April 24 @ 4:30p Sat., April 25 @ 11:30p Sun., April 26 @ 2:30p **Films in Group Guneesnán:** Strange If You Had To Hide A Body Show Me Your Kitties! All But Forgotten The Dream 10 Anniversaries Day Super Andy Curse Last Band Standing Ta'Dada Battle of the Doms **Group Hatix** Screenings: Fri., April 24 @ 5:45p; Sat., April 25 @ 10:15p; Sun., April 26 @ 11:45a (small theater) **Films in Group Hatix:** Ozark Mountain Meatsnatcher Split Life Woodstock Wake A Breath of Conviction Mom Sightings 10th Anniversary Special The Cure Love, Sis Nightfall All-Purpose Pwamp Missing **Group Jip** Screenings: Fri., April 24 @ 9:00p Sat., April 25 @ 11:30a Sun., April 26 @ 5:00p **Films in Group Jip:** The Maze Somewhere Amongst the Lost Mense Day Progressions of the Mind In Dix We Trust Annie Lost Brothers The Mysterious James Humphrey Gaming Guys Summer A Camping Trip **Group Kudhan** Screenings: Fri., April 24 @ 10:15p Sat., April 25 @ 5:45p Sun., April 26 @ 7:45p (small theater) **Films in Group Kudhan:** Elicit Save Our Souls The Tenth Year Sock It To ME Nouvelle Vue October Free The Adventures of Bobby Jones Refraction A Film Is a Film Spy Guys **Group Lahun** Screenings: Fri., April 24 @ 11:30p Sat., April 25 @ 2:00p Sun., April 26 @ 6:15p **Films in Group Lahun:** The Anderson's The Common Incident The Reunion Overture Don't Know Yet? Pieces Post-Game Ritual Dating Fails Come Find Me SATAN48

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