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SATO 48 2017

These films are not rated and may contain adult content. Each screening has a running time of roughly 55 minutes. Films listed below

Short films made as part of the SATO 48 (2017) film festival. Details on individual screenings and groups below. Each 55-minute screening requires a ticket. Tickets are $6 per screening. Tickets can be purchased online (click BUY TICKETS below) or in person at the theater during business hours. (We open 45 minutes before the first showtime of the day.) Screenings in the small theater (44 seats) will be noted. All other screenings will be in the big theater (84 seats). **BLOCK A: Group Aveyron** _Screening times: Thursday @ 5:30pm; Saturday @ 8:30pm; Sunday @ 11:30am_ **Films in Group Aveyron** Sight Unseen Safety of This Shore Burn Mr. Nesbitt's Freefalling Galleria Boat Drinks From the Mouths of Walls Keep Digging How to Work Out Your Demons Mesopotamia Mystery Picture Imperfect Life In Deaf **BLOCK B: Group Beaufort** _Screening times: Thursday @ 7pm; Saturday @ 10:00pm; Sunday @ 1p_ **Films in Group Beaufort** Have You Seen This Image? Hypomnesia 501 Schrodinger's Cat Within Aiya Rich Soul Episode 1: Caleb Castles The Hitmen IT CAME FROM UNDER THE BED!! 7 days Free **BLOCK C: Group Cranial** _Screening times: Thursday @ 8:30pm; Saturday @ 2:30pm; Sunday @ 8:30p_ **Films in Group Cranial** SATO Sadness The Bridge Walk Into Oblivion Wrangler in Breakfast Time Hammurabi MINA MI AMOR I'm Getting a Drink Loop Cradle of Life Escape Meraki **BLOCK D: Group Dodecagon** _Screening times: Thursday @ 10pm; Saturday @ 11:30am; Sunday @ 2:30p_ **Films in Group Dodecagon** Meridian Pilot XVLIII Photino Little Demons Before Your Eyes Found Online The Devil's In The Details Jake's House Убийца клоунов - Killer Of Clowns **BLOCK E: Group Enharmonic** _Screening times: Friday @ 4pm; Saturday @ 1pm; Sunday @ 4p_ **Films in Group Enharmonic** Flower Amongst the Weeds I'm Here Puppy Love Poneros Seek Evil Is Unfocused The Cousin of Death The Land Between Two Rivers Negative Space Dancer **BLOCK F: Group FormFeed** _Screening times: Friday @ 5:30pm; Saturday @ 7pm; Sunday @ 9p (small theater)_ **Films in Group FormFeed** Dennis & Gary The Bench Alone Sensitive Artists Moving On Stranger UNRAVELED The Worst SATO Film Ever QBit (The Simulation Hypothesis) Silence At Midnight **BLOCK G: Group Gilbreth** _Screening times: Friday @ 7pm; Saturday @ noon(small theater); Sunday @ 5:30p_ **Films in Group Gilbreth** Critical Break The Woman in the Yellow Dress Starlet The Hunt Sins of the Father Severance Midnight Trapped Mildred Where Time Stands Still **BLOCK H: Group Hercules** _Screening times: Friday @ 8:30pm; Saturday @ 4p; Sunday @ noon (small theater)_ **Films in Group Hercules** Bag Head Reminiscent Condemned Conscience The Henchman Ghost Crusaders Safe Haven Itch Test Drive Sting Wrong Park **BLOCK J: Group Jacobian** _Screening times: Friday @ 10p; Saturday @ 5:30p; Sunday @ 7p_ **Films in Group Jacobian** Them The Dealers Thrifty Blues The Fix The Comic Book Kids Captured Going to Grandma's Mother Just Impossible Hit and Stay

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