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SATO 48 2018

These films are not rated and may contain adult content. Each screening has a running time of roughly 55 minutes. Films listed below

Short films made as part of the SATO 48 (2018) film festival. Details on individual screenings and groups below. Each 55-minute screening requires a ticket. Tickets are $6 per screening. Tickets can be purchased online (click BUY TICKETS below) or in person at the theater during business hours. We open 45 minutes before the first showtime of the day. Screenings in the small theater (43 seats) will be noted. All other screenings will be in the big theater (84 seats). **BLOCK A: ASH (1981)** _Screening times: Thursday @ 5:30pm; Saturday @ 8:30pm; Sunday @ 11:30am_ **Films in Group Ash** ELEVEN YEARS INSIDE Release Sara Marked A Hair Cut Please "Goodnight, Darling!" Within Lucky Juice Welcomed Guests Clothes Encounters **BLOCK B: BEN (1968)** _Screening times: Thursday @ 7pm; Saturday @ 10:00pm; Sunday @ 1p_ **Films in Group Ben** I Am 7-teen; She is 5-teen Key To Consumption The Dryad's Maze RED Hex of a Salesman The Parting Glass Captain Guy The Comeback Lunar Elixir Regional TV Spot Band House The Next Episode **BLOCK C: CARRIE (1976)** _Screening times: Thursday @ 8:30pm; Saturday @ 2:30pm; Sunday @ 8:30p_ **Films in Group Carrie** I'm not doing SATO this year Welcome to the Dunston Howie Who You Can't Change the Weather Found and Lost The Girl and The Spaceman Paranormal Survival Tips for the Clever Masquerade Pardon My French Forward Thane Grandalgar & The Shadow-Knight **BLOCK D: DORA (2001)** _Screening times: Thursday @ 10pm; Saturday @ 11:30am; Sunday @ 2:30p_ **Films in Group Dora** Grieve Mutually Assured Hunger Circe Malchanceux (Media Maniacs) Hitchicks Air D&D MY BROTHER'S KEEPER Ballistic What About Owen? A Brother's Bond Shadows **BLOCK E: ELLEN (1979)** _Screening times: Friday @ 4pm; Saturday @ 1pm; Sunday @ 4p_ **Films in Group Ellen** Press Start The Departure The Bitch Of The Ball A Debt in the Family Mission: 1101 Manaids Only Star in the Sky CLEAN HOUSE Malchanceux (1893 Productions) Low Budget Man VS The Tamperer **BLOCK F: FOX (1996)** _Screening times: Friday @ 5:30pm; Saturday @ 7pm; Sunday @ 9p (small theater)_ **Films in Group Fox** The Meeting "Hey, Assistant" A Beautiful Fraud NOVEMBER 1st Aberrant A Mon Frere I Walk Alone Music Man The Game Ever So Slightly More Than Eleven Hundred Superfluous Explosions **BLOCK G: GORT (1951)** _Screening times: Friday @ 7pm; Saturday @ noon(small theater); Sunday @ 5:30p_ **Films in Group Gort** Broke-In Going OUT D'elatroux Oh Sato Mr. Pondwater Reset MUSHROOM SOUP Hypnocide Could Knitting...? The Chest **BLOCK H: HANNIBAL (1981)** _Screening times: Friday @ 8:30pm; Saturday @ 4p; Sunday @ noon (small theater)_ **Films in Group Hannibal** How to Win a Job Interview Inheritance Lost Sole "Here, Still" Startup ChurchKey Full Moon Afternoon INNER-RUPTIONS My Pound of Coke Null & Void **BLOCK J: JULIET (1597)** _Screening times: Friday @ 10p; Saturday @ 5:30p; Sunday @ 7p_ _Films in Group Juliet_ Found Sail Away Cabine Malchanceux Ahh! A Bee! Unspoken Love On Record PTA Something Fishy Seville Penny's Kitchen

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