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SATO48 2016

These films are not rated and may contain adult content Each screening has a running Time of roughly 55 minutes.

Short films made as part of the SATO 48 (2016) film festival. Details on individual screenings and groups below. Each 55-minute screening requires a ticket. Tickets are $6 per screening. Wanna see everything? You only need to buy 7 tickets (Filmmaker’s passes count) and we will throw in the last two screenings free. BUT for this discount you must purchase tickets in person at The Moxie Box Office, not online. Tickets can be purchased online (click BUY TICKETS below) or in person at the theater during business hours. (We open 45 minutes before the first showtime of the day.) To be eligible for a bulk discount (see all 89 films over 9 screenings but only pay for 7) you need to purchase tickets in person. Screenings in the small theater (44 seats) will be noted. All other screenings will be in the big theater (84 seats). **Group Aboakyere** _Screenings: Thursday, 4:30p; Saturday, 9:30p; Sunday, 12:30p_ **Films in Group Aboakyere** A Rewarding Experience Art House Missing Circuits Wilhelm Anthrophobia Into The Shadows Not so Down to Clown Tranna Del Rey S'no Pigs Drift **Group Boryeong** _Screenings: Thursday, 6p; Saturday, 11p; Sunday, 2p_ **Films in Group Boryeong** Pig 300 KISSES Warning: Objects in Mirror are more Real than they Appear Theatre 8 Russian Male Order Bride A Poetic Pirate, Rebel Risin, Mexican Golfer Movie Fiesta Obelisk Noche Oscura at the Bar Petal to the Meddle **Group Carnival** _Screenings: Thursday, 7:30p; Saturday, 3:30p; Sunday, 9p (small theater)_ **Films in Group Carnival** La Amapola Threshold Funky Cops Play Wrangler Kamp Fu Taking Direction The Vessel of Valac Dungeons and Diddlers My Father's Eyes **Group Dia de los Muertos** _Screenings: Thursday, 9p; Saturday, 12:30p; Sunday, 3:30p_ **Films in Group Dia de los Muertos** Operation: Pencil Drop Good Girl Foxtrot Oscar X-ray Cosmic Ride They Came From Uranus: The Musical Not So Duper Stellephant Table for Two El Bandito How to Go to an Event **Group Enkutatash** _Screenings: Thursday, 10:30p; Saturday, 2p; Sunday, 5p_ **Films in Group Enkutatash** Quesa'Demon Torn I-glasses Buried Conflicts Little Renegade The Unknown The Party Admit Ticket to Sin Missed Connection **Group Floralille** Screenings: Friday, 5p; Saturday, 8p; Sunday, 9:30p **Films in Group Floralille** Jack Farley and Little Pequeño In The Fillings Sombreros Want Tacos After It All Conspiritual Novak An Afternoon Adventure Serpent in the Garden Probable Cause Mi Amor **Group Glastonbury** _Screenings: Friday, 6:30p; Saturday, noon (small theater); Sunday, 6:30p_ **Films in Group Glastonbury** Internal Interrogation Boss Party Home Movie Death by Invitation Time for Tea Bear in mind Veronica Bean Daddy Mr. McGregor Goes To Church On Sunday No Asbestos **Group Holi** _Screenings: Friday, 8p; Saturday, 5p; Sunday, noon (small theater)_ **Films in Group Holi** Cinco De Buy-O Tandem King Encore Hey, AMi No Loose Ends iPROXY A Cutthroat Business Asunder Collecting Daisies **Group Junkanoo** _Screenings: Friday, 9:30p; Saturday, 6:30p; Sunday, 8:00p_ **Films in Group Junkanoo** The Curator Departure Retribution Final Resolution Last Call The Little Rip in Time The Cupcake Serial Killer Low Budget Man Does Taco Tuesday My Name is Not Juan

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