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Science On Screen: Alien (1979)

  • Starring: John Hurt, Sigourney Weaver, Tom Skerritt
  • Director: Ridley Scott
  • Genre(s): Sci-Fi, Thriller, Horror
  • Rating: R
  • Running Time: 117 min.

Science on Screen Film Series

All screenings are free and made possible thanks to a generous grant fro the Alfred P. Sloan Foundaition and Coolide Corner Theatre Foundation.

Synopsis: The commercial vessel Nostromo receives a distress call from an unexplored planet. After searching for survivors, the crew heads home only to realize that a deadly bioform has joined them.

Dr. Tamera Jahnke (MSU, Chemistry) will be discussing the gender disparity in science.

"Seen again a quarter-century later, we marvel at how the filmmaker generates so much tension and sweat with a bare minimum of moving parts."
- Stephen Cole, Globe and Mail
"An old-fashioned scary movie set in a highly realistic sci-fi future, made all the more believable by expert technical craftmanship."
- Variety
"It's a most satisfying return to one of the few sci-fi films that deserves to be called a masterpiece."
- Glenn Lovell, San Jose Mercury News
"The way [Ridley] Scott meticulously raises the sense of menace and tension is worthy of Hitchcock."
- James Berardinelli, ReelViews
"In space, the famous tagline went, no one can hear you scream. In Alien, you can hear lessons for the sci-fi future in a great milestone from the recent past."
- Lisa Schwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly