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Past Films

Seasons (2016)

  • Director: Jacques Cluzaud and Jacques Perrin
  • Genre(s): Documentary
  • Rating: PG
  • Running Time: 97 min.

These FREE screenings are part of MOXIE FLIX, a monthly series focusing on essential films for kids to see before they turn 13.

Summary: After traveling the world alongside migrating birds (Winged Migration) and diving the oceans with whales and manta rays (Oceans), Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud return to more familiar ground: the lush green forests and megafauna that emerged across Europe following the last Ice Age. Winter had gone on for 80,000 years when—in a relatively short period of time—the ice retreated, the landscape metamorphosed, the cycle of seasons was established, and the beasts occupied their new kingdom. It was only later that man arrived to share this habitat, first tentatively as migratory hunter/gatherers, then making inroads in the forest as settled agriculturalists, and later more dramatically via industry and warfare. With its exceptional footage of animals in the wild, Seasons is the awe-inspiring and thought-provoking tale of the long and tumultuous shared history that inextricably binds humankind with the natural world. [Music Box Films]

A thorough, spoiler-filled Parent’s Guide can be found here.

Made possible thanks to a generous grant from the Missouri Arts Council.

"An old-fashioned, beautifully crafted nature documentary for family audiences. "
- Lee Marshall, Screen International
"As awe-inspiring as this footage is, it’s every bit as amazing to envision how the filmmakers had to prepare for framing these moments with impeccable precision. "
- Matt Fagerholm,
"By showing animals in all their mundane splendor, Seasons makes a case for conservation. "
- Alan Zilberman, Washington Post
"Another testament to the breathtaking wonder of the natural world."
- Robert Abele, Los Angeles Times
"The film's strong point is the unquestionable beauty of the imagery, filmed over a four-year period in the national parks and animal reserves of Poland, Romania, Norway, Holland and Scotland."
- Deborah Young, Hollywood Reporter