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Something Better to Come (True/False @ the Moxie)

Director: Hanna Polak Genre(s): Biography, Documentary Rating: NR

This film is part of our True/Fale film serie @ the Moxie. A $25 “passport” gets you into all five movies in the series. Every year at the True/False Film Festival [(]( we see more great documentaries than we know we have time and space to show...well this year we finally got tired of that and decided to throw a mini-fest showcasing our favorites from the 2015 festival that otherwise weren't going to get a run. With the gracious assistance of the good folks at T/F, we hope to create a little semblance of the magic they specialize in so on a few of the Monday night screenings we'll have Q&As with some directors (via Skype) and have local buskers perform before a few screenings. Many of these screenings. If you just want to see the movie, check out he Sunday screenings. Summary: 11-year-old Yula lives in one of the most desolate places on Earth: the Svalka, the biggest junkyard in Europe, 20 km outside the center of Moscow. Surrounded by barbed wire and guards, the area is closely monitored to keep intruders out. But in the junkyard lives a group of people in a small, lawless society. These people make up Yula’s closest family; here she lives her life, and from here her future springs. True/False @ the Moxie Series Oct. 4 & 5: Finders Keepers Oct. 11 & 12: How To Change the World Oct. 18 & 19: Something Better to Come Oct. 25 & 26: Cartel Land Nov. 1 & 2: The Look of Silence

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