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The Essentials: Rushmore (1998)

The extracurricular king of Rushmore Preparatory School is put on academic probation.
(R, 93 min.)


Friday, November 6, 2020

7:15 PM

Saturday, November 7, 2020

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Sunday, November 8, 2020

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The Essentials: Wes Anderson

Synopsis: Rushmore chronicles a year in the life of Max Fischer, a student at Rushmore Academy, one of the finest schools in the country. Max loves his prestigious school. He is the editor of the newspaper and yearbook; founder of the debate team, the dodgeball society, and the Max Fischer Players; and president of the French club, German club, chess club, and practically everything else. Max is applying for early admission to Oxford. Harvard is his safety. However, he is also one of the worst students in the school. Threatened with expulsion, Max begins a new pursuit: falling for a first-grade teacher. But when Max's tycoon mentor starts an affair with the teacher, it triggers a war between Max and his friend.
[Rotten Tomatoes]

Starring: Jason Schwartzman, Bill Murray, Olivia Williams
Director: Wes Anderson
Genre(s): Drama, Comedy

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"One of the freshest, richest, most original films to come out of Hollywood in a very long time."

— Elizabeth Weitzman, New York Daily News

"A marvelous comedy from deep in left field -- immaculately written, unexpectedly touching and pure of heart."

— Jeff Giles, Newsweek

"Stylistically fresh and full of sweetness that never cloys, this is contemporary Hollywood filmmaking at its near best."

— Jonathan Rosenbaum, Chicago Reader

"Murray, meanwhile, turns in a thrillingly knowing, unforced performance--an award-worthy high point in a career that continues, Max Fischer style, to defy the obvious at every turn."

— Lisa Schwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly

"Rushmore is an almost indefinable genre of its own. A comedy with a menacing edge? An ironic romance? Hard to call. Anderson, the director and co-writer, and Wilson, co-writer, have a vision like no one else's."

— Desson Thomson, Washington Post

"There's a danger of overselling Anderson's sweet-hearted, loony little fantasy, but everything -- from the soundtrack of '60s Brit bands with their jangly anthems of angsty love to Robert Yeoman's slightly hyper-real photography -- fits perfectly."

— Steven Rea, Philadelphia Inquirer