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Yellow Bike Films presents the premiere of PITIFUL, LOST CREATURE: A Chimera Story

Local Filmmakers Showcase
Pitiful, Lost Creature: A Chimera Story
: A local fiend realizes he's not alone anymore, so he take matters into his own hands. (R, 35 min.)
: A man with a guilty conscience finds himself being watched by a strange radio caller.
(PG-13, 5 min.)


Sunday, April 30, 2023

6:00 PM

Pitiful, Lost Creature: A Chimera Story
Summary: While the early stages of a world-wide virus begins it's reign on a small town, RICHARD (Richie Turner), a disciplined fiend bound to a small town, soon has his peace disrupted by a new, malevolent progeny of fiends (Tavish Lawson) who's causing havoc and disruption within the town. Richard's coexistence with the living cannot be arranged, so Richard takes matters into his own hands. ANDREW (Andy Tannehill), a local homeless man, finds himself uncovering some truths about this strange town and the people in it.

Starring: Chrissie Watkins, Andy Tannehill, Tavish Lawson, Richie Turner, Kyler Carson, Christian Wood, Keisha McMillen, Tye, Yvonne Wallinm Keely Brannan, Asher Tillman, Baylor Barnes and Dave Burnette as The Detective.
Director/Writer/DP: Christian Wood
Editor/VFX: Lane Twellman Prequel Creative
Audio: Tavish Lawson
Original Score: Molly E. Healy
Genre: Horror

Peekaboo (short film)
Summary: What has he done? Our main character has put himself in a vague unwanted position, but he's created more than one problem for himself, when he accidentally sees someone he shouldn't have, after something they shouldn't have done. Now, that someone is part of his life, whether he likes it or not.

Starring: Ray Clark IV, Jack Hughes, Max Monyihan, Stuart Hicar, Keisha McMillen, Matthew Kline
Director: Nathan Gonder
Crew: Charles Whitmill, Cooper Herrington, Angel Edwards, Justin Dukelow, Wayne Gassmann, Mackenzie Osborn, Danielle Bauman, Zoe Dunn, Vivian Hayes, Parker Jahn, Jozua Bennie, Noah Bollow, Ryan Lewis, Christ Ray Henry, Nathan Gonder, Maddie Spath, James Theriac
Genre(s): Short, Thriller

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